The restaurant of Mr Linh’s Homestay – All the flavours of Ba Be NP
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the open-air dining area on the ground floor of the homestay. Our fantastic team of local chefs is expert in preparing feasts of Vietnamese and Tay-styled food, which is perfect after a day of exploring the park.

At Mr Linh's Homestay, we believe in using top quality products as well as supporting local businesses. For these reasons, we use products either from our own farm or from local farmers. At our restaurant, you will discover the unbeatable taste of farm-fresh fruits and veggies, free range meat and freshly caught fishes.

The restaurant of Mr Linh’s Homestay – All the flavours of Ba Be NP

In the Tay culture, eating is a social occasion where the whole family come together to enjoy a feast and share stories about the day. The dinner stretches out lazily into the evening, followed by sharing locally brewed corn or rice wine. Within the culture, this is seen as a social event which fosters good spirit and bonding. Some people even believe that rice wine has medicinal properties. After dinner, you can share in this cultural experience, bonding with your guides and hosts with a cup or two of corn wine.

If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

The restaurant of Mr Linh’s Homestay – All the flavours of Ba Be NP


1. Staying guests
For guests who stay overnight, breakfast and dinner are included. A set menu is prepared in advance to allow you to enjoy a large range of local products.

2. Walk-in customers
The restaurant of the homestay is accessible for walk-in customers. Just give us a quick call to source fresh local products. The ion will depend on the findings made at the local market and our own stock!

3. Group reservations
The restaurant is happy to help you organise family reunions or business events in our charming and quiet dining area. Please see our menu and make your ion. Every detail can be discussed and adapted to meet your needs and/or dietary requirements.
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