A fragment of Ba Be’s beauty Caving north Vietnam. Lo Mo caveremains hidden below the surface in its many fascinating cave systems. Around the edge of the lake and deep in the jungle, are whole underground worlds laced with amazing rock formations. While some caves, such as Puong Cave with its 300 m tunnel, have been known for a long time, there are some caves which have only been discovered in the past few years. Lo Mo Cave was discovered by Mr Linh himself while he was out in the jungle. This newly discovered cave follows an underground river for approximately 3000 m and has stalagmites and stalactites of up to 40 m high. These caves all have a mystical air to them but none more than Hua Ma Cave, whose eerie legend kept local people away for many years. You can discover the magic of Ba Be’s caves with one of our caving expeditions which are sure to bring out the adventurer in you! Will your safety gear on, our guides will take you through the opening of the cave and into the dark cavern where you will be amazed at the extensive labyrinths which lie hidden from plain sight. For our caving expeditions, it is extremely important that you wear sturdy, practical footwear as there will be a fair amount of walking and some climbing on rocky surfaces. Also, it can get a little cold underground so it is a good idea to bring something warm with you.
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